The Pathway and Pathway Principles were implemented into Premier Education, who’s core business is to supply PE Teachers to Primary and Junior schools, and are currently one of the worlds biggest supplier of physical education and learning

Front line staff are typically from school leaver age through their twenties

The business already had annual review and objectives, development plans and bonuses, however there was a recognition that this wasn’t the best it could be.

They implemented The Pathway, Development Plans and The Early Warning System here is what they had to say:

“The Pathway has made a huge difference to our business, we are very clear on what we want from new hires and what we need from existing staff, and I mean we have a comprehensive understanding and it’s also now super clear for staff which is incredibly helpful, we have been able to articulate all that we need from them rather than just list of things to do on a job spec which now seems so out of touch.  It gave us a solid platform to grow our staff and taught us how to nurture, develop and grow our people.  There were a few squirmy faces when we first started rolling this out as our guys realised the bar was about to go up 10 notches, but that was ok because The Pathway process teaches us to meet them where the are and how to help them grow from that point.  To be honest, it’s been a revelation, both in what we are doing and how we are doing it”

“We are already seeing higher performance and happier people!!  It’s a total win-win”

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