Quantum Physics and the secrets of Engagement

“Nothing is causing

 anything to happen”

Physics as most people undertsand it remains quite one dimensional – most of us understand physics how we think Isaac Newton described it – the apple falling from the tree due to gravity, a gravity that is independent of things like time and space.

Science has evolved somewhat since then – and I will attempt to describe some of that the best I can

What they discovered was that space is actually granular or you might say bits of space, and these bits of space are connected by a web of fields or lines connecting them together – and that this space – itself – is gravity – so space and gravity are one and the same thing

What they also discovered is that time is not a fixed clock governing the universe – in fact – if you had accurate enough clocks you could put a clock on the floor and a clock on the table and after half an hour they would register different times – despite starting at the same position – time in fact runs faster with height – the closer you get to the centre of the earth – or where gravity is strongest – time runs slower

So time and space are intrinsically linked

But it get’s stranger

If you were actually able to hold a rocket on the horizon of a black hole for 15 minutes (as recorded by the rocket) centuries will have passed on earth – at the very edge of a black hole, time no longer exists – if you held a rocket there for 1 minute (as recorded by the rocket) millions of years will have passed on earth

It would be true to say that in fact – time does not exist – we cannot actually “measure” time independent of something else – that is to say – time as we know it is simply a definition of what our clocks measure – not the other way around – at a quantum level (the size of a grain of space) – time – disappears

How do I know that I am old or young?

I know that only in relation to something else

So what they have discovered is that everything we see, everything we are, the world, the universe, and everything in it is made of the same fundamental thing – at a quantum level we are made up of quantum fields – just as a piece of rock is

We only determine that these things are different because if you zoom out far enough they appear to be different.

How do we know a wave is a wave – where does it start and where does it end? – it is simply to aid our understanding of things – or I should say – to aid our dividing up of the information

There is one final key point – a key part of quantum science is that reality is relational – the theory does not describe things as they are, it describes how they interact with each other – it does not describe where a particle is but how it shows itself to others.

Remember – this is the very essence of reality at the smallest scale – and a reality of which we are made.

So reality is not fixed objects but a dance between quanta that interacts with the quanta around it, which in turn interacts with other quanta, and thus, they dance, like the waves of the sea, or a swarm of birds – or even – two people.

So – the world unfolds – and each component responds to life around it based on what it is – and the dance between the two

If I walked up to 10 people and hit them in the face as hard as I could, would everyone respond in the same way? No

Why not?

Because they respond to the event based on what they are

Just as a quanta of space does at a granular level

If I threw a glass at a wall as hard as I could and it smashed into pieces – did I “make” the glass smash?

What if I threw and exact same size of toughened glass and it didn’t smash? Given exactly the same force, at exactly the same wall?

You see in each case the glass responded to the conditions as a function of what it is

And so – here we are at the truth of things:

we respond to all of life as a function of whatWE


To have any notion of anything else can only lead to unhappiness and confusion.

So then – what are we?

Lets consider a computer – lets say we are the hardware – and we have been given the software from everyone else around us, since our very conception – these are the programs that run most of our lives – our beliefs about ourselves and the world among other things – remember the software is simply information.

The problem is that we begin to believe that we ARE the software, and then when we put one more additive into the mix we create much confusion – pain.

Lets say a lady has a very traumatic event where someone tries to take advantage of her, it’s a dark night, her attacker is wearing an orange coat and smells of garlic – from that day emotional pain is triggered every time she smells garlic on someone’s breath – an association has formed that links the feeling of pain with a piece of information – a line of software – when the brain then interprets a signal from the nose that identifies garlic, specifically, from someones breath – an emotion is triggered – specifically – a painful one.

So it’s fair to say that we are, quite literally, riddled with these kinds of associations

For example, I can personally often observe an event followed by the feeling of fear – I am now able, depending upon the situation, to simple observe the fear and acknowledge that – it is a lie – it is a line of information that was once useful, but is now defunct, and I now work to dis-associate the information from the fear based response – and over time, the fear response is slowly getting weaker

We have so many associations that you might say – they govern us way more that we govern them – we see a glance from a colleague, a change of tone, or even – a feeling of withdrawal – we pick up this information and then interpret it based on historical data – and in many cases there is some kind of pain or fear associated with this kind of information – and we respond based on learnt survival techniques – like – for example – lying.

There is a process here:

Event – Judgement – Feeling – Response

The only one thing we can change here is judgement

And so – our whole experience of life and the world around us can be governed by the association – or judgement – we make based on the information that came in

There is one more facet to cover – the pain – more specifically – this is emotional wounding from the simple idea that one is not good enough – that the data means something about our inherent worth as a human being

The pain must be healed if we are to gain any hope of taking any level of control over this loop – otherwise we are but balls in a pinball machine – event – response – event – response – we simply react based on conditioned information, that can often be associated with pain.

Unfortunately it is unavoidable, and we cannot “think” our way out of pain, we must re-build our conditioned link between the information and the feeling, and then begin to recognise and gain some level of choice, or control over the judgements we are making about every single event in our lives.

How many people at work get angry? Anger is programmed response – they are just responding to pain or fear or both and attempting to gain control and feel better.

How can we judge someone when we know they are just responding to pain?

I want you to consider for a moment more consequence for your business:

All of the above applies to everyone you know – so – whether you like it or not – when someone walks into your office they bring with them all of their conditioned beliefs and information, as well as all their fears, and their pain – and these things then govern how they respond to you, to their work, to their colleagues, to their customers, and to life in general.

And you think that an engagement survey and some action planning will change how they feel? If someone is in pain and they learnt that, by acting like a victim and blaming others for how they feel they get some kind of momentary relief from the pain they feel do you think they will suddenly stop doing that? Because you issued some extra briefings? Not a chance

In reality they don’t even HAVE a choice – because at this point they are just reacting – and that is the best they got

Take Power – ohhh we love power, the momentary power we feel when we can control someone else choices – still just pain – the workplace is riddled with opportunities to gain a sense of power over another human being – and lots take it.

So – how do you know if people are in fear and pain? Do they lie, act like victims, get angry, get irritated, manipulate people by attracting praise, need to be right, are irresponsible, indecisive or procrastinating, feel inferior or superior, are critical, withdraw, get defensive, can be controlling, cling, run, feel ashamed or embarrassed, feel uncertain or apprehensive, do they blame, deny?? – it’s a condemning yet abbreviated list

What would your organisation look like without them I wonder??

I want to bring us back to quantum theory; you might say, true reality – the bending and absence of time, the bending of space, the granularity of the universe is hidden from view

And so it is with most of our conditioning – we were conditioned from a baby – really – I see live how I condition my children, and as I learn and grow I observe how I have told them information in the past that they took as absolute truth, and I later undertsand it as unhelpful for them – and what I mean is – unhelpful for their personal happiness – but they took it as truth.

I see how other people around them (school, friends, family) also pass on information that conditions them. The other conditioning is the link between pain and information – every single time we get angry, even mildly irritated with a child they associate the message and the pain together to come up with something like “am I not good enough then?”, “what is wrong with me?” – thus a lie is born – that their inherent worth is determined by what they do or say or believe or think or what someone else thinks of them, or even their very existence is an inconvenience to the world. It’s a painful lie – and it goes completely hidden from view into adulthood. Unless of course if you are capable of SEEING them for who they really are – not who they are pretending to be.

Carlo Rovelli, a renowned scientist, literally describes life as a dance at a quanta level – and so to it is in our lives, and in our companies

What defines the dance is how we individually respond to the quanta, or life, or people, or events around us

We must address two things in order to stand any hope of achieving this: the pain, and the information (the associations and judgements) – and this is done over time as we heal the pain

The pain is healed with much guidance and repetition from someone who is capable of doing so – we learn about our destructive behaviours and traits, the ones that have been inconvenient to other people all our lives, the ones that people judged us for, the ones that people didn’t like, the ones that we feel ashamed of, the ones we hide from the world – and we experience what it feels like for someone to look right into our soul and accepts us anyway – and over time, we begin to recondition ourselves, but this time, the right way up.

The information must be re-taught – this time – correctly

It is via the work of Dr Greg Baer, who has worked with thousands of people with astonishing repeatability that we are able to make this leap to re-condition the information and heal the pain so that we no longer simply react like puppets to life and events but finally begin to choose

And beyond this begin to experience a level of freedom not enjoyed by many, and most importantly for the application of the workplace: Begin the work to eliminate destructive behaviour, eliminate fear, eliminate pain, eliminate conflict, and free people up from these chains so they can function on a level they had not previously known.

It would not be exaggerating to say this would be a quantum leap in the understanding of engagement for an organisation to embark on, leading it’s people out of blindness and eventually pain that make us inefficient, ineffective, and actually, really quite destructive – to ourselves and others.

We can only give people an invitation, so in one final link to quantum theory let me leave you with this – the reason we stay in a (relatively) fixed position in relation to the sun is not because of gravity but the bending of space – the shear mass of the sun bends space so as to position the earth like it was in a giant funnel, and it just spins around the top of the funnel.

Emotionally balanced people, people who work on eradicated destructive behaviours, ones that no longer need to respond with disappointment, frustration and anger, ones that no longer need to try and control other peoples choices, ones that no longer need to lie and manipulate, ones that no longer need to respond with victim hood, ones that no longer defend, deny and lie, ones that are capable of seeing and accepting other people for who they they really are, ones who can see clearly, ones that are not blinded by fear, but work to become fearless – you might say these people grow in mass, emotional and spiritual mass, that helps the people around them to remain steady, the counterbalance can be quite astonishing – one person can have far reaching effects on any environment – and more than one??? You don’t need everyone – not everyone will even go – too much fear – but some will – and the results will be astounding – as Greg has already proven time and time and time again – you might say – it’s as reliable as gravity.

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