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Tom Manning,

Behaviour change pro
Entrepreneurial enthusiast
Founder of Pathway
Creator of high performing teams
A big fan of practical, pragmatic advice to consistently drive change.

Things I fix:

  • Under performing teams.
  • Dis-engagement.
  • Lack of clarity between performance and pay.
  • Lack of accountability.
  • Unclear teams that lack direction.
  • Behavioural change.
  • Under performing business units / companies.

Three common errors

The three most common errors that can make it really hard for people to thrive and succeed are:

  1. Lack of specificity – If you are not clear what you expect and what good looks like how can you expect others to be clear on it?  This includes behaviours, soft skills and how they show up to work not just the KPIs they might need to hit.
  2. Lack of accountability – Are there people in your business that are just coasting?  Are there people in your business that fail to really get results but just aren’t held accountable for that?  Is dysfunctional or unhelpful behaviour allowed to exist?  Do you drive high levels of accountability every day because that’s what people need in a high performing environment?
  3. An intolerance to mistakes – So you didn’t make it really clear what you expect and what good looks like, you didn’t hold people accountable in a healthy way to help them grow -instead you got angry and shouted at them or from time to time were completely intolerant to their mistakes.  This may strike a cord – doesn’t really sound like a high performing environment that is maximised to drive learning and growth does it?

But we have a great team, surly you can't help me Tom?

It’s a virtual certainty that I can help you make significant gains on top of whatever you are doing – but if I can’t I will say so, and shake your hand.


Pathway is a new way to understand people and performance, create a clearer, more accountable environment and to drive up engagement and performance at the same time.

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